BTN-Super Trawler

This video told us about the super trawler and how the people protested against it as it was taking too many fish.

I love eating fishing, but am not happy about taking too many at one time so that there is not enough for the future.

This made me think how many fish must be caught each year.

Why couldn’t they fish somewhere else?

This made me feel a bit upset because I like eating fish, but I don’t want them to go forever.

BTN videos

Mine Crafting Park:

This video is about children  designing parks on mine craft that could be real parks.

my point of view is that it is a great idea as it teaches you to play for a purpose  and allows you to create and design something that is useful in real life.

This made me wonder if i could redesign  the school especially the playground.

I would like to  ask if we could do the same?

This report made me feel happy and amazed.  It makes me feel like designing my dream house.

When I play mine craft with my friends we often design our  cities and we sometimes say wouldn’t it be great if they were real.